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10- Most Effective Way to Get a Good Sleep

Hello everyone. Tired and worried about not getting enough sleep? Well, it is a big issue if you do not get a substantial amount of sleep after your whole work schedule. If you are a workaholic and completely onto your work that you get a hard time for providing enough rest to your eyes, then let me tell you the real fact that we all know but we ignore. A barely sleep as well as a long sleep may affect us physically and mentally. How?

Effect of Over Sleeping (Psychologically and Physically)

I will tell you about my experience. Let's talk about how the long time of sleeping affects me psychologically. I am not a sleepaholic anyway but if I ended up sleeping beyond the bill, then I feel terrible. How terrible it is? My heart stops working as soon as I get up from the bed (Don't take it as a Heart attack), and only my brain interacts with my soul. That particular day is devoured and I feel very sad for unknowing reasons. I can't concentrate on my work and the most concerning thing is I forget to do many important things from my TO-DO Lists. I feel so irritated throughout the day and the productivity in my work takes a pitfall. The ability of my decision-making process ceases and I failed to track my habits. . What kind of situation you get, please tell me?

Now let's talk about how this over sleeping affects us physically. The major causes comes out from a regular basis oversleeping are of getting a heart attack, stroke, diabetes, blood pressure, immune system deficiency, back pain, obesity, and increased risk of death.

Effect of Insufficient Sleeping

Well, this is a very serious problem in comparison to the previous content. I feel mostly the same whether I oversleep or don't sleep properly, but what is the change you will notice? The change you may not notice at the right moment, but it will show its color when the proper time comes. I have already experienced it, How? I used to pull all night to study during my intermediate times (2010) and now I am tired of using all remedies to remove my under eye dark circles. I got high blood pressure at an early stage of my age, loss of hemoglobin, and most awkward loss of hairs. When I get to realize it, I completely changed my daily style of living and now I am doing well. I will tell you the other potential risk of not giving enough rest to your body. You will experience memory loss, sudden weight gain, eyesight loss, anxiety, grumpy over little things, depression, confusing decisions, and weakening of immunity as well as digestive system at a very early stage. If I wrap all, I can comment, a consistent lack of sleeping may affect our central nervous system cause you to get Insomnia. If the level goes higher, then you could end with some serious psychological risks like Hallucinations, Depression, Paranoia, and even Microsleep. Our body is what we supply, with 3 main aids- food, sleep, and exercises. If it is not poised properly, then our quality of life will get influenced. There is a study, where it is found a less time of resting may cause the risk of early death.

10 Most triggering Techniques You Should Follow for a Happy sleep

Most students, working persons, and our lovely mothers and aunties undergo such sleeping deprivation. I request, whoever reading this blog, kindly share with others. I will share some of the sleeping strategies that I have applied to myself and I guarantee you will find them very helpful. You have to do nothing just quitting of some bad habits and incorporate some new good ones. So, let's check them out.

1. Avoid long napping


If you have some time after lunch, then do not indulge yourself with a long nap. It will easily cut out your sleepy mood at night. A fact that long time nap more than 1 hour also lead to increase the risk of cardiovascular disease—by 82 percent and also increased the risk of type 2 diabetes by 50 percent. So try to take nap for at least up to 15 min and maximum up to 30 min, but not more than.

2. Avoid drinking water just before the bed


Yes, you heard it right. Avoiding drinking water or any cold beverages just right to go before bed affects your cycle of sleeping. You may the victim of Nocturia, or nocturnal polyuria, which is caused by excessive urination at night. Our body produces less urine during sleeping which is a concentrated amount of times you need to urinate at night. Drinking water before 1-2 hours of sleeping lowers the number of times you need to urinate at night and can sleep uninterrupted for 6 to 8 hours.

3. A relaxing bath


Take water (not so cold/not so hot/Better if warm) relaxing bath before hoping to your bed. Most people take bath during night time but what is behind reason. Taking bath before sleeping makes your mind calm and soothe. It also proved to improve the “temperature circadian rhythm". During night our body temperature goes down where it is higher during the morning and afternoon and it is lowest during sleep. A warm bath or shower makes proper blood circulation in our body which helps to go down the body temperature. Make sure not to take more than 10 min to bathe. Hence, you can have your sweet sleep.

4. Say to No sleeping aids and caffeine


I don't know how many of you believe this, but it really does. Consuming coffee before going to the bed does completely carry off your sleep. Mostly students and workaholic people prefer coffee for boosting their longevity of awakening to study or to work. But my dear readers, I will really appreciate it, if you really stop doing that. Wrap everything up when you feel restless whether it is important and catch a good night's sleep. Caffeine stays in our blood for a long 5-6 hour, so my recommendation to stop drinking coffee after 5 pm especially if you really have trouble sleeping.

5. Bedroom surrounding


Yes, it is important to properly arrange everything around your surrounding, especially around your sleeping area that would look nice and also give you positivist energy. Give yourself a night comfy attire and optimize your room environment. Yes, you can have a flower pot inside of your room or have a big teddy bear with you. Put an effort to make your room to look as cute, relaxing, clean, calm, and justified. Turn off the light and avoid music before sleeping. If you start to live in a calm environment, then your mind reverberation will reduce stimulating and you can have your dreamy night.

6. Warm up/Stretching/Meditation


This one is really my favorite. As I already mentioned, a calm mind makes you fall asleep easily. This one is my regular habit, a little warm-up before let myself touch on to the bed frame. Remember, do not show your skills with invigorated exercises and workouts just before sleep, otherwise your brain will take a large lap of time to calm down and you will think, why I am not getting sleep. After a long day of sweating, our body demands rest and our mind needs to tranquil. So as an additive, do a 5-minute meditation. If you feel back pain or pain in other body segments, then do stretching for at least 10 min. Try to focus on your joints, arms, neck, upper back, and lower back. Don't do abs or any kind of high-intensity workouts. When you feel relaxed and lighten, you can easily able to avoid bed bugs.

7. No midnight snacks


It is another key factor. If you are having any midnight snacks like Maggie or chips or any mouth-watering short timing foods at midnight, then you should stop. Midnight snacks usually let you crave more to eat until you have not finished the entire batch of the packet. This is particularly my involvement. Having late-night food or snack makes you weigh more and feeble your sleep.

8. Cut out with gadgets


This is now a modern-day problem for everyone starting from a young kid to the old one. Watching movies before sleeping or gaming or surfing. Well, we all know how these radiations coming from these devices influence our daily life, but still, we all are after these the way that we can not separate them although our eyes say bye still we hold them and not letting them go. My father is 60 years old but he never has trouble reading the newspaper or any tiny letters in his bare eyes and the same goes for all of my family members. The radiation gradually taking away the sights from us although they are our savior. Use your mobile phone, computer, watch TV and play video games but reduce or try to stop watching them before sleeping. Put your phone at least 2-3 hands of distance from you and stop using before 1-2 hour, if you want a healthy sleep.

9. Read a book


You can relate this to the previous device regarding content. Rather than holding your phone, take a piece of the book and start to read. Book reading is a great workable object which makes you fall asleep easily. In our early days, our parents and grandparents used to tell many fictional stories to make us sleep and it really was working well. I guess you have also experienced it, then you must have felt how it was to be. Why do not you start it again by yourself, telling a story to yourself? Choose any novel or any storybook or any science fiction book of your own accord and flip the pages until you have not started to drown with yawning.

10. Plan your schedule and pick a very exciting one


This is the final triggered point to lure you to sleep soon as soon as you grab your blanket. TO-DO Lists. Yes, a to-do list, where your idea and total work agenda of your day reflects. Buy a planner or make a planner if you are an artist, then plan your goal for a year. But before that write down your daily planning on that planner to-do list just before the day of when you are going to apply. Remember it to write down before going to the bed and memorize the most important work you have to carry first. This excitement helps you to think psychologically about your finishing line of your plan and you can fall asleep.

So here my tips for you of the 10 most effective ways for easy and healthy sleep. I have been tried all these facts and it really have became so helpful. You also try and let me know how you are progressing.

Thank you

Good Night

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