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An Oscillated Friendship (Part-1)

Presumption was a phone call but got a message of lean words said: " I am here, I will meet you tomorrow." Unquestionably, I wasn't so shocked because of the many antecedent encounters of analogous state of affairs. My refusal of acknowledgment towards her was so elevated that I wished my self-hood to not even have a look at her. A long term overflowing reverberation was popping in my limbic system. Synchronizing my hypothalamus, I took myself for a ride down memory lane where we were like sisters more than good pals. But she set her mind to shove me off as she already got newfangled mates. I was utterly seized to reckon my participation in her.

This permanent incapacitation to my sentiment made my rhythmic contraction-dilation chamber somewhat inexpressive towards her, slowly but surely. We met in the dusk the next day, and she offered me dinner. I had my consent, too, only for the sake of bygone bonding once we partake. We had a very formal and straightforward dinner with casual confab, which was implausible. Erstwhile, she was the one whom I adored, admired, treasured, and appreciated. We hemmed, hawed, guffawed, entertained, and cheered for each other, but everything was glimmering like a reverie which got concealed in the obscureness. We got sundered after settling our grumbled stomach in peace, but my brain nervous system again hovered with her remembrance. My heart ached, eyes moistened, but there was nobody to observe me other than four white painted solid walls.

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