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Human-hood Dictum

To quite be in your part of consciousness

why need to be lurking

come to light, negotiate with your pixilated alter

you will get a profound flavor of zing!!

Medicate with your insipid heart

ignite it, expedite it until you reinvigorate,

extricate the mind from worldly enigma

reckon until through the fete!!

Find it difficult to get back to your old ??

stop thinking to be a personage of ignominious,

indulge yourself with your accustomed smile

the floated piece would make you capricious!!

Banish the panicky, greet the pertinency

People are there to succor you,

all you have to make an affable adjustment

in the distance, they pray for you!!

Life is way more difficult

adopt what you are adept in,

clinch the fist, firm your grip

you will find the plethora of fin!!

The human race is inevitable

but the destination is predetermined,

it's fine to be fallible, naive, sloppy within the breath

the eventual arena will leave you spellbind.

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