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Parents and parenting

"When I opened my eyes, I must have heard the nonstop giggling,

the inexpressive, the emotional silence, the worldly touch on my sensitive infant skin,

it must have made me cuddle and snuggle to get their warmth,

they must have thought the class of responsibilities as parents".

"Holding my fingers, on standing ovation, I was chanted multiplication tables,

my mistakes were vulnerable but their parenting was adorable,

the stealthy love commanding words made me thrive the chances,

thanks to them, I created a world of mine where my softness lies".

Your unconditional bountiful love built a replica of your gestures within me,

the track was limpid to drive with full sensation in mind and care in heart,

you taught me the way of seeing mankind and standing with dignity,

My subsistence is yours bestowing, protrude me from worrisome grime".

"Glittering in a simmering way, the overcoming satisfactions made you gallant,

letting me go from your shade must doloured you,

suppressing those emotions and tears, I could hear a dense sound,

your distant protections and sacrifices lured me to become more vigilant. "

"Way farther from being fragile, I am flourished with your love and supports,

my trudge become brisk, once my ears receive your dulcet voice,

boasting about my lame achievements, you created a territory of light,

you folks are incredibly resourceful extroverts"

"Hiding the eternal cryptic affection, parents are perpetual heroes,

their presence will be intuitive with the cumulative time of counterpart,

the perfection may need a milestone to reach to heart,

only understanding the parent's countless and unconditional love is a lesson to us".

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